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Beti Alai Dantzariak Gure gazteak - Gure etorkizuna Lekonbarri Lekeitio

Euskaraz - in BasqueOngi Etorri! 

Welcome to the homepage of Ontario, Oregon Basque Club.

2015 Dance

Amuma Says No

Dance-only ticket $10.00
Admittance after 7:30
Your name will be added to will-call list at the door


For dinner tickets contact:
Maria (208) 739-1837
Christina (541) 212-1163

Puzzles and Games
You can find games and puzzles in the Txildren's Txoko.  The difficulty of any puzzle can be changed by clicking "shapes" on the control panel.  Have fun!

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Ontario, Oregon Basque Cultural Center made possible by funding from the Basque Government
Thanks to Holladay Engineering for their generous contribution to our Basque Center Second Story Remodeling Project  

Egutegia - calendar

Monday, Feb 2
Basque Center
7:00 pm

Saturday, Feb.  28
68th Annual Dinner/Dance
6:00 pm
Four Rivers Cultural Center

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