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Officers (2011-2012):
President -  Richard Tuttle
Vice President -
Joe Plaza
Secretary -
Karen Yraguen 
Treasurer -
Frank Yraguen 
Historian -
Sarah Rodriguez 

NABO Delegates -
Grace Mainvil and Lisa Corcostegui
Euskara Program -
Lisa Corcostegui and Maria Barinaga Tipton
Beti Alai Dance Instructors -
Maria Barinaga Tipton, Lisa Corcostegui
Cultural and Educational Events Coordinator
- Lisa Corcostegui

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If you are a member and would like to submit information about yourself to be posted here contact the webmaster by clicking here, or send it snail mail to:
Ontario Basque Club
P.O. Box 1233
Ontario, OR 97914
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Member Profiles:
Ralph Alzueta
Chris Anthony
Erin Anthony
Adam Arritola
Jim Arritola
Joe Arritola
Kathy Arritola
Sarah Arritola  Rodriguez
Sarah was raised in Vale, Oregon and continues to live there.  She is currently employed at Luzetta's Flowers and was married on March 20th, 2004. Sarah is Ontario Basque Club's historian for 2004-2005.
Theresa Arritola
Josephine Mendazona Barinaga
Josephine is the daughter of Hipolito Mendazona from Izpaster, Bizkaia and Enriqueta Totoricaguena (see EnriquetaTotoricaguena Mendazona below).  She married Albert Barinaga and they have four children: Maria Barinaga Tipton, Michelle Barinaga DeLisi, John Barinaga, and Carmela Barinaga Shirtcliff.  Josephine has been an active member of the Ontario Basque Club for over thirty years and her children and grandchildren have participated in the dance group.
John Barinaga
Kim Barinaga
Gene Bates
Irene Ybarzabal Bates
Irene serves as president for 2006-2007.
Pam Mendiola Belisle
Erica Benear
Pam Berria Benintendi
Sage Benintendi
Frank Berria
Kathy Berria
Matt Berria
Matt has been a member since 1996.  His father, Joe, was the club's accountant for many years.  Matt and his wife, Melanie, have 2 children Matea and Mikel.  They both dance with Beti Alai Dancers.  Matt's ancestors were from Bizkaia.  He holds a Doctorate Degree in Zoology with a Minor in Pharmacology from the University of Idaho.  He is employed at Treasure Valley Pediatrics.
Melanie Berria
Melanie and her husband, Matt, have been members since 1996.  Their daughter, Matea, and son, Mikel, dance with the Beti Alai Dancers.   Melanie holds a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Studies from Weber State University and is a stay-at-home mom. She has served as treasurer of Ontario Basque Club and currently chairs our youth committee.
Jo Brigance
Elena Bengoechea Calzacorta
Merce Urquiaga Calzacorta - V goian bego
Enrike Corcostegui
Enrike Corcostegui Enrike is from Donostia, the capitol of Gipuzkoa.  He married Lisa Tipton Gabica, an Ontario native in 1988.  They live in Reno where he is an instructor of Zenbat Gara Basque Folk Dance Ensemble.  He enjoys instructing dance workshops for the Basque club when he is in Ontario.  Enrike built the server for Ontario Basque Club's  Euskara language program. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is employed at Bently, Nevada in Minden.
Lisa Tipton Gabica Corcostegui
Lisa (Tipton Gabica) Corcostegui Lisa is a second generation Basque Club member and was an Ontario Basque dancer as a child. Her maternal grandparents Elias Gabica Echanis and Valentina Uberuaga Azcuenaga were from Ereño and Lekeitio, Bizkaia. Lisa serves as a NABO delegate and has held the office of club president (2008-2009 & 2010-2011) and vice president.  Currently she serves as Cultural and Educational events coordinator. She designed Beti Alai's current costumes and instructs the dancers once a month. Lisa holds a master's degree in Spanish language and literature and a Ph.D. in Basque Studies and is an adjunct  professor at Boise State University in Basque Studies.  Lisa teaches genealogy workshops at the Basque Center, is a member of Antzinako, and is a partner in the Basque genealogy research service, the Basque Branch.
Niki Cutler
Holly de Tassigny
Rosie Debban
Rik Debban
Juanita Ybarzabal Eaton
Chuck Echanis
John Echanis
Lourana Echanis - Charter Member
Martina Yraguen Echanis - Charter Member
Mary Echanis
Matt Echanis
Reme Jo Echanis
Timmie Yraguen Echanis - Charter Member V goian bego
Cindy Mallea Eidson
Cindy is a second generation club member, both her parents Ron & Cathy Mallea had been past members. Cindy's great-grandparents Jose Mallea & wife Agueda Lecertua were immigrants from the Province Bizkaia. Cindy grew up dancing with the Ontario dance group, and also danced with the Oinkari Basque dancers from 1987-1989. In the past Cindy has helped with teaching the Ontario dancers (1995-1996), and has held office of secretary in the club. Cindy is the mom of Ronnie and Chase,  current Beti Alai dancers, & Paige, one of the groups future dancers. 
Vic Urquiaga Eiguren
Martin Espil
Linda Berria Feeley
Linda serves as President for 2005-2006.
Bradi Fritts
Lucia Balanzategui Gastanaga
Lynda Gastanaga
Kristi Gomeza
Gene Gray
Marcia Gray
Juli Plaza Gundle
Mary Hill
Juanita Yraguen Ybarzabal Hoff - Charter Member
Kitsie Ybarzabal Joyce
Philip Joyce
Philip is the son of Peter and Kitsie Ybarzabal Joyce.  Born in 1976, he was raised in Juntura, Oregon, which is a ranching community.  He is currently a 6th grade Social Studies teacher at Ontario Middle School.  He is happily married to Tina Joyce and they have a daughter named Julianna Marie.  Philip served as Ontario Basque Club president for 2003-2004.
Tina Joyce
Josephine Echanis Keim - Charter Member
Josephine is the third child and only daughter of Ygnacio "Jack" and Maria Pagoaga Echanis, proprietors of Ontario's Basque Boarding House where she was born. Both of her parents were from Mutriku, Gipuzkoa.  Josephine is married to Charles Keim and they have three children: Tom, Mary Jo and Tony. 
Cecilia Lodzinski
David Lodzinski
Grace Lacouague Mainvil





Grace is the daughter of Basque immigrants who settled in California.  Her father arrived in San Juan Capistrano, California from Ainhoa, Lapurdi in 1910.  Her mother came to Fullerton, California in 1912 from Maya in the Baztan Valley of  Nafarroa.  Grace's husband, John, is also Basque.  His father came from Hasparren, Lapurdi in 1905 and his mother from Errazu in the Baztan Valley of Nafarroa in 1912.  Grace and John moved to Weiser, Idaho from Riverside, California in 1972 with their four daughters Janice, Joanne, Louise, and Linda.  All of them have been very active in the Basque community.  Janice continues to be active in Boise as an Ikastola board member and txistulari.  All four daughters are college graduates.  Janice works in the computer industry; Joanne is a CPA in Melbourne, Australia; Louise is a lecturer of Nutrition at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand; and Linda is a pharmacist in Pinehurst, Idaho.  Grace has held the offices of Secretary, Vice-President and President in the Ontario Basque Club and has also served as NABO Treasurer for many years.  In 2006 Grace was honored with NABO's lifetime Achievement Award - Bizi Emankorra. Grace is an active participant in the club's Sustraiak project.
Kitty Ceniga Schuster
Enriqueta Totoricaguena Mendazona - V goian bego
Enriqueta was born in Mountain Home, Idaho, to Leandra Erquiaga and Jose Francisco Totoricaguena.  The family moved back to Gernika where they lived until the bombing.  Enriqueta married Hipolito Mendazona and had five children; Henry, Josephine (Barinaga), Teresa (Aramburu), Vicky (Tuttle), and Angeles (Pietrini). Enriqueta has 17 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. 
Mona Mendiola
Steve Mendiola
Steve is the General Manager at Farmers Supply Co-op in Ontario.
Marie Mendive  V goian bego
Ben Plaza
Helen Plaza
Joe Plaza
Joe currently serves as president.
Kay Plaza
Laurie Plaza
Maureen Plaza
Sandy Plaza
Sedafia Echeverria Plaza V goian bego
Sedafia (Sarah) Echeverria Plaza was born in Paradise Valley to Venturo (from Ispaster) and Sinforosa (from Amaroto) Echeverria in Nevada on November 14, 1912   Sarah married Juan Plaza on January 5, 1930.  Juan was born in Ea-Bedarona, Bizkaia and came to the United States in 1921.  Together they had three children: Joe, Paul and Gloria Jean.  Sarah Joined Ontario Basque Club in 1962.  She has held the offices of Secretary (1964), Vice-President (1976 and 1977), and President (1978).  As president she traveled with Joan Mallea to Reno, Nevada as NABO delegate of Ontario Ladies Basque Club.
Vicky Plaza
T.J. Rodriguez
Amy Romans
Jeanne Lacunza Sagasta
Linda Mendive Scott
Helen Marquina Smith - Charter Member V goian bego
Maria Barinaga Tipton

Maria is a third generation Basque Club member.  Both of her grandmothers, Elena Bilbao Barinaga and Enriqueta Totorica Mendazona were members for many years.  Her mother Josephine Mendazona Barinaga is also a current member.  Maria was a dancer for many years and has held the office of secretary. She has served as instructor of Beti Alai  dancers for eight years and attended the Basque Government's Gaztemundu Dance Edition where she received training from dance masters from all over the Basque Country.  Her daughters Angela and Elena and Daniella, and son Garrett dance with the group.  Maria is an active participant in the club's Euskara program.  Her ancestors were from the province of Bizkaia. Maria has a law degree from Willamette University.  Maria is a partner in the Basque Branch genealogical services.
Rhett Tipton

Rhett is a second generation Basque Club member and did a short stint as an Ontario Basque dancer as a child. Daughters Angela,  Elena and Daniella, and son Garrett dance with Beti Alai now. Rhett's maternal grandparents Elias Gabica Echanis and Valentina Uberuaga Azcuenaga were from Ereño and Lekeitio, Bizkaia. Rhett graduated from Gonzaga University in 1991 and holds a D.M.D. from Oregon Health Sciences University.  His dental practice is located in Ontario.
Maria Calzacorta Truax

Christina Tuttle
Christina is the club's secretary.
Greg Tuttle
Raymond Tuttle
Richard Tuttle
Vicky Mendazona Tuttle
Heather Walton
Babe Yraguen

Dan Yraguen
Frank Yraguen
Frank served as president of Ontario Basque Club for 2004-2005. In 2006 Frank was honored with the Oregon State Bar President's Public Service Award.  Frank currently serves as Basque Center Project chairman and club treasurer.  He also participates in the club's euskara classes and the Sustraiak project.
Joe Yraguen 
Karen Yraguen
Nicole Lea Yraguen 
Visit Nicole's website: www.magnoliacountry.com

Visit www.cdbaby.com to check out Judge's Daughter, a CD of Nicole's original music.
Patty Yraguen
Justa Bilbao Yturri - V goian bego